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What We Do

Everything! NT Telecom installs new telephone systems and CCTV to suit both your business and budget. Our mobile phone support keeps everything integrated. We’re hot on cutting your bills.

We won’t sell you anything you don’t need. Sometimes an upgrade, rather than a new system, can work wonders. Either way, our consultancy service will ensure you get the right solution.

Changing offices? We’re dab hands at seamless system relocations, having moved at least one business a week for years. Meanwhile, through our call management and cabling services, we’ll review and improve the clarity of your business calls. (And to ensure your staff match up, try our business system telephone training.)

Finally, our system protection lets you relax, knowing we’ll respond swiftly if anything goes wrong. Call NT Telecom today and see the difference we can make: 0800 096 6413.

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